Paleo Treats Podcast

I’ve been driving around lately listening to all my usual podcasts and going off on my quests down various seams of curiosity and thought I’d share some of my convos with myself, with you.

This is the first solo-cast I’ve done, let me know if you’d like to hear more or if you’d rather get back to the interviews with another person.

In this episode I’ll talk about the following ideas:

-dare to be great

-power of reading books and leveraging experience/knowledge/time equation

-men need danger, excitement, community

-not everyone should be an entrepreneur

-better to be curious and listen when you want to accomplish a joint task

-why you should judge for yourself what’s “worth listening to”, and why a Navy SEAL (or anyone) may not be worth listening to, the effect of hazard on importance of message, see “men need danger” above

-brain intensity training, just like physical intensity training.  Intensity in general. 

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