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Episode 6: Jeff Pierce & Jo Kiesanowski, Paleo cyclists

This week we talk with cyclist Jeff Pierce, the first American to win a stage in the Tour de France and his wife Jo Kiesanowski, 3 time Olympian cyclist. Yes, this is a cycling-heavy episode. :) Jeff & Jo talk about his epic finish in 1987, old school training (running up hill with big iron pipes in each hand), mentally preparing for huge races, and the best way they've found to use the Paleo diet to boost performance.

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Episode 5: Shawn Alladio, PWC master and Paleo Treats Ambassador

Ever wondered if a 50 year old mother of two could do a man's job? Listen in as we talk with Shawn Alladio, world class PWC rider (Jetski for the uninitiated), big wave rescue specialist, and all around tough human. Shawn talks about big waves, heavy threats, and what it feels like to pull a man out of a burning car.

Shawn is one of our favorite people, she doesn't pull any punches "If you're not eating Paleo Treats then you're f-ing stupid", and when she sees a problem she wades in and gets down to business. She doesn't let anything stop her and she has a way of describing the world that is at once completely foreign and yet totally matches with our own intuition.

While this is one of our longer podcasts we think it's worth every minute. Go ahead, have a listen!

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Episode 4: Pete Servold, Paleo chef extraordinaire

Fine dining chef Peter Servold talks about how his own health issues combined with a gift for making great food helped launch Pete's Premade Paleo, a San Diego Paleo delivery service. Pete, like many people in the Paleo community, is hot in the pursuit of excellence. Listen in as we talk about public policy, how grilled chicken and steamed broccoli are not the only Paleo options, the importance of learning Amharic (Ethiopian) if you life in Atlanta, and how it's damn near impossible to make Paleo bread.

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Episode 3: Ray Tabbita, long haul trucker

Long haul trucker and Paleo Treats™ ambassador Ray Tabbita joins us in a phone conversation and discusses how he manages to stay on Paleo and on the road. Ray is not just a long haul trucker who eats Paleo, he also (in his spare time) tears phone books in half, rolls up frying pans, and hammers nails through boards without a hammer. If you've ever wondered if it's possible for a "regular salt of the earth guy" to eat Paleo then Ray gives a pretty solid answer in this episode.

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Episode 2: Heidi Fearon, world class healer

Join us for an interview with Heidi Fearon, one of the leading healers in the CrossFit community. Heidi is a licensed acupuncturist who goes far beyond acupuncture in her treatment methodology to help everyone from Crossfit athletes to working moms to military members suffering from PTSD. Widely traveled and an exceptional athlete, this interview is a glimpse into the mind and making of a world class healer. Enjoy!

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