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If you've paid attention to anything beyond the pages of paleo desserts on this website you won't be surprised that we've brought on another dog trainer to the Paleo Treats Podcast.  The folks who are good, really good, at communicating with dogs HAVE to be in pursuit of excellence; they've developed skills the rest of us don't even know we have!


This episode with Jean Donaldson draws on her experiences with training dogs, and training dog trainers for over 15 years and specializing in aggressive dog cases at The Academy for Dog Trainers.  Jean's degree is in comparative psychology and she is one of the world leaders in understanding how dogs think and how we can attempt to understand them.


If you're still smacking your dog for pissing on the floor while you work in a cubicle for 8 hours, A) you're a savage, and B) Jean may have some advice for you that'll make both of you feel a lot better. 



Our sponsor for today's show is Real Roar, a local shop here in San Diego that offers raw food for your dogs & cats.  We're strong proponents of healthy food for all species, and when it comes to our dogs we make sure they eat what they were designed to; raw carcasses full of bones, meat, and chewy tendons.  We get the food for our dogs (Birdie, Norton, and Marvel) at Real Roar and if you'd like to learn more about 'em or pick up a case of pork neck bones for your dog and make their day, head on over to


Enjoy the show, and don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes!








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Mike Friton has been working as an innovator for over 30 years.  Known for his shoe designs and his extensive work with Nike, he's also helped smaller companies like Soft Star Shoes design minimalist shoes that support a healthy foot. 

Trained as an anthropologist, Mike focuses on bringing together many elements from the "fringes"; as a paper folder, weaver, and former competitive athlete (Junior National Champ and 1980 Olympic trials in the steeplechase.)

Mike shares what he's learned over the years, from observing Bill Bowerman's incredible attention to detail to the debate of health vs performance that is a part of every shoe to the state of prosthetics and how the fastest athletes in the world will soon be ones without legs. 

Friton's world is fascinating, and I'm stoked to share this conversation with you!



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"You must believe nothing."  So says Tim Noakes, one of the most well respected exercise scientists in the running world.  Author of Lore of Running and Waterlogged, Tim has radically changed his beliefs throughout the course of his 30+ year career, always in response to his own questions and the answers (or lack thereof) found in scientific literature.  From discussing why studies of 7 people aren't that useful to talking about his next big interest (infant nutrition), Tim is a wealth of information and well worth listening to on your next long drive.

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Barry Murray is a sports nutritionist and coach for elite endurance athletes.  His main focus is on adapting athletes to burn fat instead of carbs, and his work with Tour de France cyclists along with his own performances (several wins in ultra marathons) lend credence to his ideas.  In this podcast we discuss how long it takes to fat adapt, how fat adaptation is not the only part of athletic performance, and why you shouldn't go out and run 50k on no breakfast starting tomorrow morning.

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Phil Maffetone is back on the Paleo Treats Podcast, though this time we swing well away from athletic performance and into the realm of Purpose and Music.  Phil has had 2 major epiphanies in his life, the first took him down the path of becoming a world class coach and doctor.  The second drew him into the world of music and songwriting. 

In this episode, our conversation ranges widely from discussing sexuality and what sex drive can tell you to looking at the world through the lens of a naturalist and how music has been integral to our evolution.

Phil is not your average running (or endurance) coach, and this podcast is a chance to see another side of the man most of us know only to be an expert in one field.  Enjoy this look behind the curtain in the pursuit of excellence.

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