Paleo Treats Podcast (fire fighting)

Steve Underwood is the Fire Management Officer out at Mesa Verde National Park and a 26 year veteran of fighting forest fires. He is also one of the most well read folks you’ll ever meet.

In this podcast we talk about many different famous wildfires, from Mann Gulch in ’49 to Yellowstone in ’88 to the 2006 Tripod fire and the 1994 Storm King fire.

Steve covers everything from how fires operated before Europeans arrived in America to how a fire crew is organized to how much a wild land firefighter will carry when heading into the fight.

He’s also got some interesting insight into what makes women such tough and effective firefighters, why fighting fires is so interesting, and the the difference between “natural” and “wild” fires.

This is a fascinating look into a subject that not many folks take the time to know about. Enjoy!

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