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Thanks for checking out the Nik Hawks Show, where my general mandate is to follow the pursuit of excellence. 

My background is in business, adventure, the military, athletic challenges, and working with world class athletes.

Those are all starting points for my guests, though not always.  I've talked to cryptographers, sleep scientists, authors, reporters, climbers, and adventurers.

All of them have useful insight for YOU, which is the reason I make the show public.  

Whether we're talking about cryptocurrency or rowing a boat across the Atlantic, my idea was to share the conversations I was having with radical people.  Lately I've been adding in my own thoughts in separate Nik-i-sodes.


I started this podcast in 2014, but it wasn't called The Nik Hawks Show. My wife Lee and I own the company Paleo Treats, so I called the show the Paleo Treats Podcast.

Over the course of 50+ episodes it became apparent that the podcast didn’t really have anything to do with Paleo. Sometime around episode 58, based on feedback from listeners and iTunes reviews, I decided to change the name to reflect what I was actually talking about.

That should catch you up to speed for now.  

To read more, find the latest episodes and news along with a way to support this show, please visit my site

Thanks for listening!

Nik Hawks

Jun 30, 2019

Been working on this piece of writing for a while, thought I'd share one of the first drafts with you.  As you'll hear, this comes from my experiences riding earth energy, would love to get your feedback on it.  Rock on!

For more info go to


Mar 9, 2019

This one covers one of my favorite stories, Ralph A. telling us about the opportunity of a lifetime.  Enjoy the wanderings, for how often to lift weights on a maintenance plan to the latest hobby and books I'm reading.  I finish off with a reading of the Letter to Jake.  Yaww!

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Feb 18, 2019

Random thoughts, recent news, and books I'm reading.  Capacity for luck, creating a long term high, towels vs toilet paper and what happens when you're not prepared for the best day ever.  Let's do this!

Jan 2, 2019

These are all the thoughts for the podcast gathered since mid-way through November, from wild ideas about waves and tides to the idea of 1st vs 3rd world consequences and finishes up with what books & movies I'm recommending.

Nov 13, 2018

Thanks for the push, Jamie A!  This one's for you.  For the rest of ya...

I had a rad guest lined up who got themselves in a spot of trouble stealing deer stands in Utah.  Suffice to say there's more to the story than has been generally reported, but since he's gotten death threats I figured adding information to the...